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A Trip of a Lifetime

Earlier this year, year 7 student, Nicholas Davies had the learning experience of a lifetime when he was selected to go to Italy for six weeks as part of an educational scheme organised by the Children’s International Summer Villages. Nick was one of four young Australians chosen for the visit. The program involves student delegates from around the world having a multilingual and multicultural experience as they participate in a number of educational, cultural and sporting activities.

Nicholas was based in Rome for the majority of his visit. His memories of Rome are vivid. “There were lots of small cars and narrow streets with very few traffic lights and as we walked everywhere we actually saw lots. There were street after street of apartments because there is so little space left in the city. We went to the Coliseum, the Sistine Chapel with the famous murals, but my favourite was probably St. Peter’s Square because of the size of it and the wonderful statues that were all about it.”

Nicholas learnt the Italian phrase for “do you speak English?” and found that very useful as they used the excellent public transport about the city. “The food was great. Lots of pasta and pizza but my favourite was a Gelato made from caramel and cream. It was delicious. It was also special because we bought this in this little backstreet at night alongside the famous Trevi fountain that was lit up. It was special.”

Nicholas said it was hard being away from home for so long. He hopes to return one day with his family and be able to act as a tourist guide for them as he revisits the city that was such a great experience.