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Anzac Day 2015

ANZAC Day Ceremonies

On Anzac Day this year, the Ballarat community commemorated the 100th Anniversary of the initial landing of our troops on the shores of ANZAC Cove in 1915 with a series of services. A large number of students from our College were involved in these ANZAC Day ceremonies across both the Ballarat and Sebastopol areas.

Our College Leadership Teams performed a number of duties across the day:

  • Sebastopol Remembrance Service – Year 9 College Leaders, Year 10 College Leaders and Year 6 College Leaders.
  • Ballarat Remembrance Ceremony – Year 12 College Leaders, Year 9 College Leaders, Year 6 College Leaders, Primary Campus Junior School Council.
  • POW Remembrance Ceremony – Secondary Campus Student Leaders.

Once again, our Phoenix P-12 College Band provided music and support for the Sebastopol Community Ceremony and were sensational in setting the tone for this important occasion. Special thanks to Mr. John Netherway and his student group for performing in what can only be described as very cold conditions. Great stuff!

Sebastopol Army Cadet Unit

The Sebastopol Army Cadet Unit under the command of Capt. (AAC) Margaret Benoit were also prominent parts of each ceremony, performing their roles in an outstanding manner

Ballarat Avenue of Honour Poppy Project

A series of VCAL students from our College were involved in placing 3,000 poppies along the Ballarat Avenue of Honour. A single poppy was tied to the plaque in front of each tree along the 14 kilometres of roadway. This incredible public initiative has been heralded across the wider Ballarat municipality, along with the sensational way in which our students participated in this project. Congratulations to all involved; this is VCAL at its finest and Community Leadership at its best. Feedback from community members and local members of Parliament who were in attendance has been glowing in their praise of our students. Congratulations to all students and staff who willingly accepted this opportunity to assist with this important event. You certainly did the College proud. Well done!

50,000 Poppies Campaign

Technology became a sea of red poppies as students from Years 7-10 created fabric poppies for the “50,000 Poppies Appeal”. The completion started as a request for 5,000 poppies to celebrate the Centenary of Anzac Day but had to be changed in light of the overwhelming response. Our students’ efforts have been sent to the local RSL and are currently on display throughout Ballarat.

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