"In Knowledge there is Opportunity"

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Curriculum Programs Offered

The College provides an extensive program in the eight Key Learning Areas which is accessible to all students. The comprehensive curriculum is designed to give every student the best opportunity to develop his or her abilities. Students learn in a cooperative environment that emphasises sound literacy and numeracy skills. Enhancement programs and the catering for individual needs in our mixed ability classrooms from Year 7 through to the post compulsory years is a feature of the curriculum provided at the College. Phoenix College is actively involved in the Bright Futures program and has curriculum program links with primary schools and further education providers.

Grade Prep to Grade 6

The Redan Campus of Phoenix P-12 Community College caters for children from Prep to Grade 6. High achievement is promoted by developing the learning capacities of all students, enabling them to be motivated lifelong learners striving to achieve excellence. Phoenix P-12 Community College students demonstrate respect, compassion and tolerance for others and are innovative and resilient learners. They are encouraged to be inquisitive of the environment around them, competent in the essential skills of literacy and numeracy and to be people who constantly strive to reach their full potential. An environment is created where students are supported as they become technologically capable and develop skills to adapt to a rapidly advancing world.

College staff strive to create socially responsible students who contribute positively as global citizens in all aspects of life. Staff set broad, challenging, dynamic and authentic learning activities, creating a differentiated learning platform based on best teaching practice.  The college boasts innovative ICT rich classrooms where effective 21st Century skill development is undertaken through the use of iPads, laptops and interactive whiteboards.

An ethos of respect, tolerance and compassion within our community to ensure a safe learning environment is based on the principles of social inclusion and restorative justice. Quality opportunities are given to students to develop a range of leadership capabilities to ensure Phoenix P-12 Community College children standout above the rest.

Year 7 to Year 10

Students entering Year 7 have a choice of languages other than English and the opportunity to experience a broad range of Arts, Technology, Music and Sports/Physical Education programs. While emphasis is placed on students experiencing successful academic development in all the Key Learning Areas from years 7 to 10, there is further opportunity to experience specialised learning interests in years 9 and 10 through an extensive range of elective studies. This flexible structure for programs of study provides for individual student direction in the post compulsory years. Detailed brochures outlining year level programs (Years 7 to 10) are available from the College on request.

Years 10–12

Academic Achievement, Successful Pathways

Phoenix College’s Senior School offers an exciting range of learning opportunities for its students within a supportive structured environment. The College emphasis is on developing independent learners who are well prepared to cope with future challenges and the world beyond school. Quality academic performance, together with initiative and a strong work ethic, underpins a focus on individual achievement in the senior years.

All students are counselled by qualified staff in identifying a learning program to suit their specific needs and aspirations.

Each student’s program is regularly monitored, evaluated and adjusted to ensure individual needs are met.

Developing Other Talents and Skills (DOTS)

DOTS is a flexible learning program designed to provide education and support to vulnerable young people who have disengaged from or been excluded by schools or education providers, yet still have an aspiration to learn. For more information, click here.