"In Knowledge there is Opportunity"

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Learning Support

The purpose of the Learning Support team is to maximise student potential in education and learning. We ensure that students with disabilities participate as valued contributors in all aspects of the school community.

We vouch for the emotional and educational needs of learners who are challenged by various aspects of an educational institution. Our College’s ethos of respect, tolerance and compassion are consistent with the goals and strategies we employ within the differentiated classroom approach across each campus.

The Learning Support Team

  • Supports students receiving extra funding because of having a diagnosed disability
  • Maintain close contact with parents
  • Receive and give feedback about individualized needs
  • Produce specialised strategies for classroom practice
  • Liaise with the Well Being staff and various specialists
  • Act as mentors for individual students

How we work:

Inclusion in the classroom is our primary focus. Aides are allocated to classes depending on their skillset.  In the primary campus aides are allocated to each student whereas in the secondary senior campus students experience working with a range of people across each day depending on their subject choices.  Aides work with students both within the classroom and in withdrawal situations.

We also:

Assist students in their organisation; explain, assist and advise on subject choices and pathways in school and beyond; make ourselves available for students in the break times as well as before and after school.

We aim to equip students with the skills to gain independence and take initiative by the time they leave school and continue their lives in this rapidly changing world.

Contact Coordinators: Lynden Nicholls & Kellie Bray