"In Knowledge there is Opportunity"

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Middle School

Years 7–9

Engagement and Challenge

Phoenix is at the forefront in developing teaching and learning strategies for students in these crucial years. Utilising significant research, the College is committed to “essential outcomes” for students by the completion of Year 9.

These “essential outcomes” relate to levels of performance in literacy, numeracy, information communication technology skills, key competencies, enrichment, social competencies and leadership skills.

Students in the Middle School access a rich curriculum which addresses their individual learning needs, from those who enjoy a challenge to those who need additional learning access. Our College “Bright Futures” program provides an accelerated learning pathway for students across all learning areas.

Individual learning styles are acknowledged and incorporated into teaching practice in these years. The development of sound study habits and strategies is integrated into the Year 7 program. Students in Year 8 consolidate this sound foundation of core skills, accessing programs that further develop their thinking skills and ability to problem solve.

In Year 9, students undertake semester length programs designed to engage and challenge them in their learning. Community based projects provide opportunities for self-discovery, leadership and self-directed learning, providing a solid foundation for their senior years.