"In Knowledge there is Opportunity"

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Primary School

Students are at the centre of everything we do at Phoenix P-12 Community College and our transition program is carefully designed to ensure that every child will feel confident, secure and excited about commencing primary school.

The early years are critical for developing natural wonder, curiosity and passion for learning. Our students work with an expert team of teachers to build solid foundations in the domains of literacy, numeracy, thinking and communication. We know all students start with a unique set of understanding and knowledge. All new students are assessed to determine the exact starting point for the teaching and learning process.

Years Prep, 1 & 2 – Solid Foundations

Great care is taken to establish the exact learning needs of each individual, and then our rich and differentiated curriculum ensures that our children build the foundations of literacy, numeracy and cognitive skills. Teachers work together to plan engaging learning activities that nurture a love of learning, foster investigation and imagination and build strong connections between home and school. We celebrate and encourage every step towards achievement.

Years 3 & 4 Fostering Independence and Challenge

Students continue to work from their point of need, independence is encouraged through stimulating inquiry based learning and open-ended investigations. Student engagement is enriched through collaborative planning which focusses on student backgrounds and interests. We focus on developing strong personal attributes by offering all students an opportunity to participate in a range of activities which increase leadership capabilities.

Years 5 & 6 Encouraging Ownership and Responsibility

Years 5 & 6 represent a period of enormous educational, social and emotional growth. Our team of dedicated teachers work side by side with students to develop their confidence in their ability to take ownership of their learning. Student voice is valued as they work in partnership to negotiate learning and assessment tasks.In years 5 & 6 there is a strong emphasis on preparing students for secondary education. Our students benefit from a strong cross-campus curriculum. There are regular opportunities for students to access learning activities on the Sebastopol Campus.

Students in the primary years are paired with an older buddy, this valuable learning experience builds strong bonds, nurtures student well-being and ensures transitions are seamless.

Whilst studying at Phoenix P-12 Community College primary aged students have a unique opportunity to experience the broad range of specialisms which are usually the domain of a secondary school.

Students in years 5 & 6 are able to access fully staffed after school clubs, which gives them a chance to spend valuable time with their peers in year 7 & 8.