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Pierre DeCoubertin Award

In June, Year 11 student Bradley McDonald was presented with the Pierre deCoubertin Award at a formal ceremony held at the MCG. Several Olympians including Nicole Livingstone and the Minister for Education presented Bradley with his award and spoke about what a great achievement it is to receive this award. Each spoke about the importance of sport and P.E. in schools for developing confidence and leadership skills in our students and providing them with opportunities to succeed and develop resilience.

The selection criteria was based on sporting excellence, as well as displaying good sportsmanship and team values. The Olympic values are ASPIRE – Attitude, Sportsmanship, Pride, Individual Responsibility, Respect and Excellence.

Bradley has been a dedicated and modest sportsperson who has excelled in Cricket and Football and has shown true sportsmanship.

Pictured: Bradley McDonald

Pictured: Bradley McDonald