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World Champions – F1 in Schools

November 13th 2013 is a day 5 of our students will never forget. After a long journey full of much hard work and dedication, A1 Racing were named F1 in Schools World Champions.

The prestigious event was held in Texas, coinciding with the Texas round of the Formula 1 Championship. The F1 in schools program requires groups of students to become a racing team. They must manage themselves, create pit displays and market their brand in a professional manner, gaining sponsorship to pay for the required resources and travel expenses. They must also design and race a scale F1 car down a 10 meter track.

To make it to the world championship, teams must first overcome competition at a state and national level. Schools from all over the world compete in the event. Our students collaborated with a group from Pine Ridge State High School Queensland, joining forces to win this competition.

This is a MASSIVE achievement for this group of students. They take away the title of F1 in Schools World Champions along with Scholarships to the London University School of Design, a prize worth hundreds of thousands of dollars each.

Congratulations to Michelle Clark, Benjamin Marshall, Dylan Sexton, Casey Shevlin and Samuel Young. Thanks to Mr Christof Muller and Miss Elaine Rooney for guiding and and mentoring the students throughout the program.