Instrumental Music students are encouraged to develop an appreciation and enjoyment of music through studies of their selected instrument.

Students have a marvellous opportunity to learn and play a musical instrument at Phoenix P-12 Community College. They are given the opportunity to learn the skills to enable them to perform confidently. We welcome students from all cultural, musical backgrounds and interests to take part and share their musical journey together.

Creating music with others is an exciting experience, and performing in small or large groups is an integral part of the Instrumental Music Program. Participation in the program may assist in the development of social skills, co-operation, teamwork, concentration, memory, fosters creativity, develops discipline, leadership skills, time management and persistence. These important characteristics uniquely contribute to other areas of education and student life.

The Instrumental Music Staff are an experienced and dedicated team who share their enthusiasm, passion and expertise with students.

At Phoenix P-12 Community College we provide:

  • A rich, developmental musical experience for students in Years 5-12.
  • A wide selection of specialist music tuition in strings, brass, woodwind, piano, voice and percussion on a weekly basis.
  • Participation in performing bands and ensembles.

Your child will participate in regular workshops with a variety of professional musicians and also have access to opportunities through local community music/arts organisations and venues. These real and engaging experiences are extended into our local and broader community through regular performances.

Phoenix P-12 community College ensembles include three concert bands, string ensemble, stage band, production band, guitar ensemble, two choirs, saxophone ensemble, flute ensemble and two VET bands.