Services for Multicultural Families

Phoenix P-12 Community College has developed strong ties with the Centre for Multicultural Youth. Students meet on a regular basis to plan for local, regional and international events and activities.

The College provides an Inclusion Coordinator to ensure that needs specific to multicultural students and families are met. Students can also gain access to volunteer literacy support via Mercy Connect and the Central Highlands Library. A visiting EAL teacher is available to support students who are eligible for more intensive support.


Australian Indigenous Mentoring Experience is an Australian initiative (now world-wide) to use University mentors as role models to young Indigenous students in Primary and Secondary schools. The aim of AIME is to build the number of Indigenous students completing Year 12.

Students in Years 9-12 attend regular workshops held at Federation University. These workshops focus on personal goal setting, aspiration, cultural connections and pride. Students from across the region work together to challenge stereotypes experienced in our society.

Younger students also attend regional workshops as well as being supported in school by AIME Tutor squads.

For further information on this program, please visit the AIME website.