The VCE certificate is generally completed over the last two years of secondary education. The rules for running the VCE are set down by the Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority (VCAA).

The VCE:

  • Has an academic focus – including exams and scored assessment tasks.
  • Allows you to obtain an ATAR Score which you need for University studies.
  • Provides you with a pathway directly into Tertiary Studies (University or TAFE).

In the VCE structure, each study is divided into four units, each one a semester in length.

  • Units 1 & 2 are equivalent to Year 11.
  • Units 3 & 4 are equivalent to Year 12.
  • In Year 11 each unit is separate and complete, so a student can change at the end of Semester 1 into a different study for the second half of the year.
  • At the end of Semester 2, most students choose which five of their Year 11 studies to continue with into Year 12.
  • Some studies can be taken at Year 12 without having Year 11 as background, but students should be sure to discuss these sorts of options with their course advisors.
  • In Year 12, the two units are taken as a sequence, so a student cannot change studies midyear.

The structure at Sebastopol Campus allows students to begin their VCE in Year 10, to study units at a variety of levels at any one time or to take three years to complete their VCE.

According to the VCAA rules, over the two or three years of the certificate, a student must:

  • Study 4 semesters from the English area and pass at least 3, including at least one of which must be at Units 3 & 4.
  • Pass 16 units overall.
  • Pass a total of four sequences of study at 3 / 4 level.
  • To obtain an ATAR score students must satisfactorily complete both unit 3 and 4 of an English sequence.

All this information and more can be found on the VCAA website

Please note that these are simply the rules for completing the certificate. They do not guarantee entry into any specific course or institution.

VCE program example for a Year 11 student who is interested in Nursing / Allied Care

VCE English Unit 1 VCE Maths
Unit 1
VCE Health & Human Dev. Unit 1 VET/VCE Community   Services Program VCE Biology Unit 1 VCE PE
Unit 1
Private Study
VCE English Unit 2 VCE Maths
Unit 2
VCE Health & Human Dev. Unit 2 VCE Biology Unit 2 VCE Art
Unit 2
Private Study