Subjects offered





Health and PE





VCE Literature

VCE Accounting

VCE General Maths Units  1 & 2

VCE Biology

VCE Physical Education

VCE Food and Technology

VCE Theatre Studies
(Units 3 & 4)

 VCE LOTE (German)


VCE English

VCE Business Management

VCE Further Maths Units  3 & 4

VCE Chemistry

VCE Health & Human Development

VET Hospitality

VCE Music Performance

VCAL Literacy

VCE Legal Studies

VCE Maths Methods Units 1 & 2

VCE Physics

VET Community Services

VET Building & Construction


VCE Geography

VCAL Numeracy

VCE Environmental Science

VET Community Recreation

VET Furniture Making

VCE Visual Communication & Design

VCE History of 20th Century

VCE Outdoor & Environmental Studies Units 3 & 4

VET Engineering

VCE Studio Arts

VCE Psychology

 VET Automotive

 VET Hairdressing

VCE Product Design

Instructions for completing subject selection sheet for students going into Year 11

VCE (Year 11), you will be making selections for two semesters.

  1. You will be taking 6 subjects over the year.
  2. You will need to choose 8 subjects, in case you do not get all your preferred choices.
  3. You must select English and we highly recommend that you choose a Maths. Start by numbering these 1 and 2 on your selection sheet.
  4. Number your other selections in the order of preference.
  5. Most of your choices will be Units 1 & 2 VCE or VET subjects. If you have already completed a VCE or VET Units 1 & 2 study in Year 10, you may select Units 3 & 4 if recommended for the next year.

VCAL (Year 11)

Choose VCAL Monday, VCAL Wednesday and VCAL Friday as your first 3 choices.

  1. Choose a VET program from the available choices.
  2. Choose 4 other VCAL / VCE subjects, (There must be a VCAL Numeracy/VCE Maths and VCAL Literacy/VCE English as part of these 4). Number these choices in order of preference.