The College values of Respect, Responsibility, Integrity, Cooperation and Excellence guide our fundamental principles of action across all areas of the school.

Phoenix P–12 Community College prides itself on the exceptional educational opportunities delivered for the students of today as we foster the development of socially respectful and responsible global citizens of tomorrow. We empower our students to strive for success and excellence in their educational, vocational and personal pathways. We ensure that emotional wellbeing is fostered within every child and that they leave the College as active, positive members of the community.

Academic Achievers SEAL* Program

(*Select Entry Accelerated Learning)

Community Leadership Scholarships

General Entry scholarships are available to students who have demonstrated an outstanding work ethic at primary level, have been supportive of fellow students and have fully participated in the life of their school and the wider community. Successful applicants will be able to discuss their primary leadership experience and show how they have contributed as an active participant in their school and/or local community.

Academic Excellence Scholarships

Academic scholarships are available to students with an exemplary work ethic and attitude towards their academic studies. They are focused, self-motivated, driven and can demonstrate learning growth in all areas of their education. They take great pride and care in the presentation of their work and are able to show supporting documentation that reflects the above components.

Music Scholarships

Music scholarships are available for students who have demonstrated musical ability, have prior instrumental experience and who strive for excellence in music performance. The applicants will undergo an audition process to demonstrate their musical ability and achievements.

Sporting Scholarships

These are available to promising young athletes who demonstrate the qualities of sportsmanship both on and off the field; additionally these students exhibit skills of teamwork. Supporting documentation and/or references will be required as evidence of level of sporting achievement.

Application Process

Our Scholarships are available to responsible young people prepared to strive for their personal best at secondary level and who will become a credit to their families and the College. Scholarships are awarded on the basis of application, interview and information provided by the student’s current school. Interviews will be held at the Sebastopol Campus and applicants should be accompanied by a parent/guardian. Students may only apply for one category of scholarship and are not required to sit an entry exam. Selection is by interview — not entry exam.

Parents/Guardians should complete the preliminary application overleaf (delivered to Primary Schools Term 1) and return to the College.

Further information and an interview time will be forwarded following receipt of this preliminary application. Enquiries can be directed to the Transition Coordinator.