The College values of Respect, Responsibility, Integrity, Cooperation and Excellence guide our fundamental principles of action across all areas of the school.

Experience for yourself the school environment at Phoenix P-12 Community College by navigating through a 360 Virtual Tour of our Sebastopol Campus.


Phoenix P–12 Community College prides itself on the exceptional educational opportunities delivered for the students of today as we foster the development of socially respectful and responsible global citizens of tomorrow.

We empower our students to strive for success and excellence in their educational, vocational and personal pathways. We ensure that emotional wellbeing is fostered within every child and that they leave the College as active, positive members of the community.

Parents can learn more of the individual benefits offered to their children in Year 7 and beyond at Phoenix P-12 Community College by watching the presentation.


Phoenix P-12 Community College is committed to ensuring every student reaches their full potential.

Our students are engaged in academic and personal learning, empowering them to maximize a world of exciting opportunities. Our programs at Sebastopol Campus of Phoenix P–12 Community College are designed to encourage the highest standards of achievement in everything our students undertake.

The Sebastopol Campus of Phoenix P-12 Community College offers a broad range of scholarship opportunities, as well as the Phoenix P-12 Academic Achievers SEAL* Program, available to gifted and talented students.

* Select Entry Accelerated Learning


Phoenix P-12 Community College offers a rich learning experience for your child.