“Omigod, Omigod You Guys!”

One of the greatest highlights each year is always our College Production and this year was no different. Well, as we know, this year has been very different.

Legally Blonde Jr was such a fun and exciting show to produce. The cast have enjoyed every moment of learning their lines, lyrics and choreography. Each week there was a new challenge and each week the challenge was met. Not only have the students learned about the demanding schedule of putting a production together; they have also discovered what it is like to work in a theatre show, developing their understanding of stagecraft such as props, costumes, set, lighting, publicity and hair and make-up.

Due to the unforeseen guidelines and restrictions, it meant that our amazing show was not going to have the audience we desired. However, there was no way this was going to stop us and we gave our students a reason to keep practising through the unknown weeks. With little notice we scheduled a couple of days for final rehearsals and together with our amazing team, we were able to record a live performance – the show must go on!

It is always an amazing experience for the students to see their months of hard work and dedication come to fruition. Although the week of Production was different this year, we still were able to offer our students a fantastic learning experience.

We are fortunate, every year, to have an amazingly talented team behind the scenes to help bring our vision alive. Their skills and expertise help every step of the way and make this show what it is. Without you, there really would be no show. There is so much that goes on to get a script to the stage and we are incredibly grateful for all that you do; and we, the students, are extremely thankful to you all.

“Being true to yourself never goes out of style.”

Mr Alex Patterson – Director