On Friday 11th September, our school held its first virtual ‘Phoenix Has Got Talent’ competition for students P-12. It was an exciting event comprising of 24 diverse acts from the categories of Music, Speech and Drama, Dance, Sports Skills and Alternative Physical Talent.

On the Senior Campus Ashton Clerks impressed the judges with his character voices, Sebastian Allen showed his technical skills on the clarinet and Remi Turkovic expressively performed her song.

Special mentions went to William Kynoch (keyboard), Taylor Gust (cooking demonstration); Shania Stowe, Ella O’Brien and Darla Hopkins (Singing), Kiarn Dark (saxophone) and a highly expressive Year 12 monologue performance by William Matthews concluded the event.

Congratulations to all participants and to our winners for this event.

Awards Primary and Secondary –

  • Drama Talent: Katylin Gocs and Ashton Clerks
  • Music Talent: Rita Rwabwogo and Sebastian Allen
  • Dance Talent: Natasha Aziawor
  • Sport Talent: The Blomeley Family and Morgan Bevan
  • Physical Talent: Emma Colla
  • Encouragement Awards: Lincoln Sharp and Remi Turkovic
  • Audience Appreciation Award: Ziva Beddoe
  • Best Dressed Judge: Mr. Stevens

Thank you Mrs Joosten (Coordinator), Mr. Patterson (Host), Mr. O’Brien ( Virtual/Technology) and to our staff judges Mr. Glen, Ms. Hucker, Ms. Firns (Primary), Miss Webster-Otto, Mr. Stevens and Mr. Beggs (Secondary) – such a wonderful creative team to work with.

Thank you to our wonderful audience who watched the event LIVE.