Our Interoception Drop In Centre is in full swing. The students who are accessing the program are learning to use their individual sensory-based programs to help their bodies calm, relax and focus. They are working towards building their capacity to focus on their learning.

Those students who are a part of the program and their teachers work together to determine when they are showing early signs of dysregulation. When the student is showing these early signs they may come over to the Interoception Centre, work through their program for 10-15 minutes, then return to their class with the intent to learn.

Some of the items used in the program are squishy toys, pipe cleaners, hole punchers, movement dice, spinning tops and knitted squares. The program allows the students to be mindful, fully engaging and exploring the items. This allows their bodies and minds to regulate. We are already seeing some students who are making progress and it is having a positive impact on their time in the classroom. We are really loving seeing our Phoenix students benefitting from this program.