Despite being rescheduled twice due to snap lockdowns, and fears of being cancelled, the Phoenix Connect Camp to Roses Gap successfully went ahead from 18th – 20th August. With all the disruptions to school and constant lockdowns, it was fantastic to get to the Grampians for three days to enjoy an array of group activities. The camp forms a significant part of the curriculum for the Phoenix Connect program that challenges students to step out of their comfort zone and build up their communication and teamwork skills. Each group worked incredibly well together, contributing to a fantastic camp.

Our students were lucky to get days full of sun for their adventures in the mountains, and the previous rainfall ensured that the water at Beehive Falls was flowing. Over the course of the three days, the students were able to undertake a range of activities including the giant swing, abseiling, a low ropes course and other activities involving harnesses and heights. The students rotated through the activities each day, presenting them with different challenges and encouraged them to step out of their comfort zones.

A huge thank you to the Phoenix Connect team who worked to ensure the camp could happen despite its constant rescheduling, and to all those who came along and helped. These students will continue to develop their connections in the subsequent term of Phoenix Connect and grow to be the best they can be.