Since the beginning of this year, our Senior Band students have been practicing some difficult charts for our 7th Regional Band Camp. This is one of our first major events of the year, which involves both Nhill College and Stawell Secondary College. Students range from Grade 5 all the way to Year 12 and rehearse songs such as ‘Africa’ by Toto, some Stevie Wonder and even some Latin style pieces to mix it up!

The Camp ran over two days which included students coming in over the weekend to rehearse for long hours at a time but students held up spectacularly.

2019 was Phoenix P-12 Community College’s turn to host and we were lucky enough to show off our incredible new auditorium to the schools. Impressively, this 50-piece band, who had only met the day before, managed to put on a 40-minute concert for our Grade 5/6 students.

Mr John Netherway – Music Coordinator