The event was held at the Nhill Memorial Community Centre which was created for music and theatrical performances. The anticipated excitement of rekindling friendships and learning new music was on everyone’s minds.

The music charts were a blend of genres, including, ‘Brown Eyed Girl’ (Van Morrison), ‘Our Director’ (March), ‘Song without Words’ (Holst), ‘Don’t Know Why’ (Nora Jones), ‘Salute to the Duke’ (Duke Ellington) and ‘The Planets’ (Holtz).

The students performed brilliantly to a packed theatre. No-one in the audience would have known that all the music charts were new to the students this year. Thank you to Catherine Bates (Nhill P-12 College), Amanda Hemley (Stawell Secondary College), the Lions Club of Nhill for the evening meal and of course our students who made me so proud to be part of the Music program of our school.

Mr John Netherway – Music Coordinator