Late last year Harley Caldow decided to approach House Leaders within our school to organise a food drive to benefit those less fortunate. Harley is currently completing his Year 9 studies at Phoenix P-12 Community College and during his time at Phoenix, he has shown outstanding consideration of others and achieved excellent study results and accomplishments.

After supporting his older brother deliver care packages to those in need within the Ballarat region, Harley decided he wanted to make a genuine difference to improve the lives of others. The key moment for him was witnessing several homeless people doing it tough; people sleeping in doorways of churches and in various sheltered areas within public buildings. He thought the best way he could assist was to provide the opportunity for others to benefit from enjoyable meals during the approaching cooler months.

Deciding to go the extra mile, Harley went about organising a school Food Drive on both the Redan and Sebastopol campuses of his local school. He designed and distributed posters to raise awareness of homelessness in Ballarat and also set up collection stations to collate non-perishable food items, blankets and essentials. Harley did a wonderful job promoting and encouraging others to contribute to this much needed community issue and decided he would like to pass on his donations to the Ballarat Soup Bus to assist the many Ballarat citizens who utilize this valuable service.

Article by The Courier