Welcome to 2019 – the Year of Impact!

I would especially like to welcome our new Prep children, Year 7 students and other new students and families across the school. I look forward to the opportunity to meet and speak with you at our welcome BBQ’s. This year the Sebastopol campus welcome BBQ will be on Tuesday, 12th February giving all parents an opportunity to see the campus.

The mission of Phoenix P-12 Community College is to excel in the provision of broad, flexible and inclusive educational pathways for our students that highlight our strong sense of community and our continued tradition of excellence. This is achieved through a stimulating, comprehensive and challenging academic focus and is supported by specialist activities in Sport, Drama, Music, Public Speaking, Student Leadership and the Arts. There is an emphasis on developing optimistic, resourceful and resilient global citizens for the future.

Phoenix P-12 Community College promotes high achievement by developing the learning capacities of all students, enabling them to be:
– Motivated lifelong learners striving to achieve excellence.
– Students who demonstrate respect, compassion and tolerance for others.
– Innovative and resilient learners, inquisitive of the environment around them.
– Students competent in the essential skills of literacy and numeracy, who constantly endeavour to reach their full potential.
– Technologically capable students who can adapt to a rapidly advancing world.
– Socially responsible students who contribute positively as global citizens in all aspects of life.

Keeping our Moral Purpose and Vision for students foremost in our mind, guides as we work to ensure that we are delivering to all students the best opportunities; as captured by our motto: In Knowledge there is Opportunity. Our College Values govern the way in which all members of the Phoenix community work and learn together. This includes students, staff, families and community members.

College Community Values and Descriptors:

  • Respect: Treating ourselves and others with consideration, being courteous at all times and acknowledging diversity and rights of others.
  • Responsibility: Taking ownership of our behaviour and actions, contributing in a positive way.
  • Integrity: Being honest and acting ethically, ensuring consistency between words and actions.
  • Cooperation: Working together, communicating effectively and supporting each other.
  • Excellence: Striving to do our best, being dedicated to learning and reaching our goals. 

2018 was a year of outstanding success at Phoenix College:

  • Our College duxes Joel Dyer (VCE dux) and Jemma Scanlon (VCAL dux) achieved outstanding results and both have an incredibly exciting future ahead.
  • Our learning results showed strong gains across the College.
  • Our SALSEL program led to our children in Prep, Years 1 and 2 achieving AMAZING results.
  • Our rates of student attendance in the primary years showed growth, with large numbers of students reaching our 95% target.
  • Our Stage 3 building program is almost complete; we look forward to using the new bus loop at the end of February.

Mrs Karen Snibson – Principal