Phoenix P-12 Community College operates under, and adheres to, the democratic principles of Australian and Victorian law. 

Our commitment is to model in learning, teaching, organisation, practices and governance the requirements under which government schools are registered. As such, a duly elected School Council provides community voice and accountability to ensure all aspects school operations remain focused on the student. School Council ensures that inclusive practices and policies guide school decision making.

The College encourages parent participation in a range of activities and provides many opportunities for parents to be involved. The College Council consists of fifteen representatives including the College Principal and Business Manager. There are seven elected parent members and four Department of Education and Training (DET) employees. The College Council is the governing body that determines, within guidelines issued by DET, the general education policy of the College; management of the College finances; maintenance and development of buildings, grounds and equipment. Much of the College Council’s work is organised through a range of sub-committees. 

The School Annual Implementation Plan can be found on the College Website. The annual meeting of the College Council is held in March each year where the annual report is tabled and elections are held to fill vacancies.  

Our College School Council President, Jarrod Page, was returned as President in March 2018.

College Council Meeting Dates 2018

The Council meets on the fourth Monday in the month – 6:00pm (for 6:15pm start):

  • 26th February
  • 26th March
  • 23rd April
  • 28th May
  • 25th June
  • 23rd July
  • 27th August
  • 17th September
  • 22nd October
  • 19th November
  • 27th November – Presentation Night
  • 10th December

College Council Members List 2018

Principal Class: Karen Snibson 2019  
DET = 5 Term
Angela Quinn 2 Years – End 2020
Michael Benoit 2 Years – End 2019
Troy Beggs 2 Years – End 2019
Jessica Cox 2 Years – End 2020 
Parent = 6  
Rosslyn Lonie 2 Years – End 2020 
Jarrod Page 2 Years – End 2020 
Georgina Hocking 2 Years – End 2020
Brett Page 2 Years – End 2019
Cherie Brown 2 Years – End 2019
Vacancy (20/08/2018) 2 Years – End 2019
Community Membership = 2  
Brenton Hancock 1 Year – End 2019 (The Smith Family)
Leslee Jackson (Proxy 1)  
Karen Riddel (Proxy  2)  
Joanne Geurts 1 Year – End 2019 (ECKA)
Student Leaders  
Maddison Pearse 1 Year – End 2019
Aaron Grant 1 Year – End 2019
Lorraine Hayes – Attendee – Minute Taker  

Sub-Committee Members

(Sub-Committees meet monthly)

Finance: Rosslyn Lonie (Chair)
5:30pm – 6:00pm Lorraine Hayes
Prior to Council Meeting Karen Snibson (Principal)
  Jarrod Page
College Policy and Development: Angela Quinn (Chair)
5.30 pm – 6.00pm Brett Page
  Georgina Hocking
  Cherie Brown
  Lorraine Hayes
  Maddison Pearse
Facilities: Michael Benoit (Chair)
– Facilities flexible Lorraine Hayes
– Meetings to be called by Chair Jarrod Page
  Karen Snibson (Principal)
  OHS – 
  Michael Benoit
  Lorraine Hayes
  Karen Jolly
  Jamie Lawlor

To contact the College Council please email: