Our Village Structure is based on the idea that “it takes a whole village to raise a child”.

We manage this by allocating students to a Village, in which students are assigned a locker and an indoor area to use during recess and lunchtimes. In each Village, students are able to have direct contact with their Village Leaders and Pastoral Care teacher.

  • Albion Village
  • Bonshaw Village
  • Cornish Village
  • Picton Village

House System

School sport days, student leadership activities and School-Wide Positive Behaviour campaigns provide just some of the many opportunities for students to compete against each other in a House System. The Houses are named after local, historical mines of the area in keeping with heritage of the Phoenix Mine and therefore the name of the College.

The competitive Houses aligned with each of the Villages are:

Village Name Sporting House Name House Colour
Albion Village Albion Yellow
Bonshaw Village Bonshaw Blue
Cornish Village Cornish Green
Picton Village Picton Red