The College, through the College Council, endorses policies for our community. Some are required by the Victorian Registration and Qualifications Authority (VRQA), others are guided by the Department of Education and Training (DET) while others are local initiatives to best serve our students and community.

School Council discusses policy and then shares the document with the community through the website or if community members request it – by collection at General Offices.

Policies usually have a 3 year cycle and as a new College our policies are gradually being reviewed. Many are in the schedule of review. Council is committed to have a streamlined process to share policies over the coming months. The list below is not complete; some policies currently up for consultation are accurate for comment.

New legislation requires a current adoption of policies to reflect Child Safe laws over the coming months.

Please provide any comments on a consultative document via our General Office or write to:

College Council President
Phoenix P-12 Community College
PO Box 49
Sebastopol, VIC 3356

Access to College Facilities Process (.pdf 661 KB)
Accident Incident Notification Policy (.pdf 689 KB)
Alternative Class Plan (.pdf 674 KB)
Anaphylaxis Policy & Procedures (.pdf 935 KB)
Behaviour Management Policy (.pdf 564 KB)
Bullying & Harassment Policy (.pdf 528 KB)
Care Arrangements for Ill Students Policy (.pdf 977 KB)
Critical Incident Policy & Plan (.pdf 809 KB)
Curriculum & Student Learning Framework Policy (.pdf 548 KB)
Curriculum Outline & Learning Pathways Booklet 2017 (.pdf 3 MB)
Curriculum Planning Strategic Direction Policy (.pdf 550 KB)
Duty of Care Camp Policy (.pdf 575 KB)
Duty of Care Policy (.pdf 555 KB)
Equal Opportunity Policy (.pdf 602 KB)
First Aid & Medication Policy (.pdf 555 KB)
First Aid Policy & Procedures (.pdf 729 KB)
Incursions Policy & Procedures (.pdf 551 KB)
Mandatory Reporting Policy (.pdf 581 KB)
New Subject Policy (.pdf 533 KB)
Parent Involvement Policy (.pdf 529 KB)
Philosophy Statement (.pdf 664 KB)
Privacy Policy (.pdf 443 KB)
Procedure for Possible Infectious Disease (.pdf 537 KB)
Staff Registers Policy (.pdf 557 KB)
Staff Wellbeing Policy (.pdf 549 KB)
Student Engagement & Welfare Policy (.pdf 876 KB)
Student Management Policy & Process (.pdf 804 KB)
SunSmart Policy (.pdf 550 KB)
Supervision of Students Policy (.pdf 578 KB)
VCE Delivery & Assessment Policy (.pdf 906 KB)
Volunteer Policy (.pdf 530 KB)
Wellbeing & Engagement Process (.pdf 629 KB)
Wellbeing & Engagement Referral Slip (.pdf 378 KB)
Wellbeing Referral Policy & Process (.pdf 616 KB)
Working With Children Check Policy & Procedures (.pdf 752 KB)