We had a wonderful group of Year 10 students participate in a public speaking Health challenge that was run by the ASHA Lectures Group and Rotary. Students were competing against teams from Loreto and Ballarat and Clarendon College. The challenge required students to research the science behind COVID, collect some data and develop a solution to COVID hotel quarantine issues.

Students then created a 10-15 minute presentation which they then presented to a panel of judges, including Rotary and respected community member, Carmel West and local medical specialist, Dr Deepika Monga.

Our Phoenix students did a great job and presented in an informed manner with a hint of humour along the way! Our students placed 2nd out of four teams which was an amazing effort. 

It was pleasing to hear the wonderful things both Carmel and Dr Monga had to say about the quality of our students’ work. Both judges said how impressed they were and hope to continue to be involved with our wonderful Phoenix students in the future.

Congratulations Jesse Somers, Catriona Harricks, Savannah Douglas, Macy Anwyl and Temujin Blake.